AL West Standings: July 28, 2010

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Is Chris Davis Turning the Corner?

Davis.jpgIn his last seven games Chris Davis is hitting a very respectable .286/.375/.429. Yet, he also has 10 Ks over that span. I’d certainly take that .804 OPS for the rest of the season! Contrast that with his performance in his first 8 games after being recalled: .138/.219/.138 with only 4 Ks. Perhaps Davis was worrying too much about his strikeouts when he first came up, and is now settling in better. I know a seven game sample is too small to say whether Davis has finally turned the corner…but seven games of decent hitting is better than what Smoak has been giving the Mariners.

For the record, Justin Smoak is .036/.069/.036 over his last seven games.